19 November 2015

Shotwell, Geary, California... The project team is over, now what ?

Yorba Foundation seens be over. One of the main reasons points to be financial problems!
"Yorba Foundation logo" by Wget - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 via Commons

Shotwell, Geary and later California was the most known projects from Yorba Foundation. Sadly, on October 25, 2015 there was a message put on their website that mentions the end of their project.

I quote;
"Yorba was a non-profit free software group based in San Francisco that was active from 2009 until early 2015."  Citation source: Yorba Foundation

There wasn't any announcements, there wasn't explanations for the reason to make this decision, only a single sentence to announce their exit.
Nevertheless, I made a quick search on the web and, I find on Wikipedia some light to this mater, and in a few words, it appears that the main reasons were financial problems and legal issues related to its Foundation statute.
The purpose of this article isn't to discuss the ending of Yorba, for that, you can consult the Wikipedia website, and draw your own conclusions.

"Shotwell logo" by Yorba Foundation - Ubuntu icon folder. Licensed under LGPL via Commons

There's been an increasing amount of news, of teams that have development capabilities to create high-end applications, to give the average user access to technology developed, at distance of a click...  they simply turns out for financial reasons. One of main goals of this article, it's to call attention to all that benefit from the work of the Linux and open-source community, that once again a project turn out to lack of funding.

Going back to Yorba Foundation, if everyone who uses or have used Shotwell, donate a single € 1 / $ 1, the project was still active today? - I think so, and more than likely that today would not be writing this article. Of course I'm talking about in a context of "... what if ...", but the reality is quite different, and projects that are based on non-profit, has a hard time surviving.

"Geary logo" by Jakub Steiner for Yorba Foundation - Licensed under LGPL via Commons

Now the question that remains is... - What will happen to all projects, that Yorba Foundation were maintaining and developing?

I don't have all the answers for the upcoming future of this applications, but here's what I could find out:






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