31 December 2015

Poll Results -:- Gold Medal for The Best 2015 Linux distribution

After three months of voting, the results are surprising!!!
There's a gap of 35% of votes between the first and the second place!

Last September, we started a poll to choose the Best 2015 Linux Distribution. Our readers and subscribers joined enthusiastically during these three months, and the results are surprising... At least in our opinion.
Our surprise is not related for the distribution that won the Gold Medal, but by gap of votes (35%) between first and second position.

That being said...

The results of the poll for:  
The Best 2015 Linux distribution

Gold Medal
elementary OS
46% of the votes

Silver Medal
Manjaro Linux
11% of the votes

Bronze Medal
Ubuntu, Linux Mint and Debian
all with 10% of the votes

Honourable Mentions
openSuse, Linux Lite, BunsenLabs
all with less 7% of the votes


At the end, it's clearly that elementary OS its the most voted and the winner of the Gold Medal, followed by Manjaro with the Silver Medal. With the Bronze Medal are Ubuntu, Linux Mint and Debian, all with 10% of the votes. Between 7% and 4% are openSuse, Linux Lite and BunsenLabs. At the tail, with less of 4%, are all the distributions listed in the poll.

Linux Distros listed

Should be noted that, there are distros listed that wasn't available a final/stable version. It's natural, that the amount of votes were heavily influence for these distributions (BunsenLabs and Solus project).

For next year, we have high expectations for a few Linux distributions (Solus Project, Papyros and BunsenLabs). It's going to be interesting to see the path that this distributions are going to take, as Solus just launched the first stable release, and the other two are working hard to see the final/stable release come out.

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