6 January 2016

Liferea... The Best News Feed Reader

Today we are looking at Liferea, the news aggregator for online news feeds.

Brief introduction...
       Liferea is lightweight news aggregator for online feeds, with a friendly user interface which you only need a few steps to install new feeds. A web browser is also incorporated to Liferea, that can be either Mozilla / Firefox / xulrunner or gtkhtml, and on a newer versions, Webkit. This add-on it's both practical and useful, since it allows the read the news feed directly from the original pages. You can also configure to open the feeds in many predefined external browsers like, Firefox, Chromium/Chrome, Opera, Midori, Epiphany.

       If you want to install Liferea, view our small Tutorial "How to install on the maim Linux distros".

The image of "Liferea Inteface Screenshot" all credits and source: Liferea

Application Specs...

The application by default, is ready to synchronizing against 3rd party services as:
  • TinyTinyRSS
  • TheOldReader
  • InoReader
  • Reedah

Supports the major feed formats such as:
  • CDF
  • OCS
  • Atom
  • OPML
  • Podcast

Available to install in the following distributions:
  • Ubuntu based systems
  • Debian based systems
  • Arch based systems
  • Fedora based systems
  • Mageia
  • OpenMandriva 
  • OpenSuse
  • Gentoo

Compatible with the following desktop environments:
  • Gnome Desktop
  • Unity
  • Cinnamon
  • Mate
  • XFCE
  • Phanteon Desktop

The image of "Liferea Inteface Screenshot" all credits and source: Liferea

Final Notes...

       Well, what can I say about Liferea? - It's my news reader of choice by default. I have all my Podcasts ("Soundcloud" including) assembled in this application, as also, all the feeds that I have been following. Liferea syncs everything, without any kind of problems. The integrated web browser it really makes the difference, I can see, view or listen the feed/podcast directly without getting out of application, it's really a great add-on for Liferea.

       Regarding problems that could exist, personally I didn't found any major problems. Although, I have found on publications and post's some users that weren't very happy with liferea. The complaints are mainly about the updates and upgrades, there isn't many and take a very long time to happen.
Well, I only can say this...

It's working? It doesn't give any kind of problems ... So, what's the problem?

By the way, if you make a quick visit to the developer Github webpage, you are going to realise that all bugs are been fixed...

That being said...

       I'm convicted that, at the moment this is the best news feed aggregator available for Linux systems. It's free, lightweight, fast, efficient and practical to use. you have to try and view for yourself to see the excellence of this tool...

Did you know?
Liferea name, comes from the abbreviation of Linux Feed Reader.

Liferea's Info
  • Developers
    • Lars Windolf
    • Nathan Conrad
    • Arnold Noronha
    • Adrian Bunk
    • Emilio Pozuelo Monfort
  • Written in
    • C
  • Latest version ( October 30, 2015 )
    • 1.10.17
  • Platform 
    • Linux
    • BSD
  • License
    • GNU GPL

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