15 February 2016

Be the first to know... Digitallofice channel on Telegram

       Today, I'm proud to announced the new Digitallofice channel on Telegram.
       I have been using it for quite a while, and I love it. So, I decided to launch our channel on Telegram.

Image logo of Telegram, all rights and source by: Telegram

       Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging service, that have it's own client ( unlike Google+ and Twitter ) available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Ubuntu Touch, and also for desktop systems like Linux, OS X and Windows. This means, that we can reach most of the devices available, both mobile and desktop.
       If you are regular user of Telegram, it's now possible to be the first to get notice of our post, surveys and videos released by us.

      To add our channel, just search @digitallofice or follow the link bellow.

If you like our posts and videos, add us to your Telegram account, and share with your friends. Thanks!

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