20 February 2016

How to install... Mintstick on Debian 8.3 ( Jessie ) based systems

On this small tutorial, we show how to install Mintstick 1.2.6 on Debian "Jessie" based systems, using a Terminal as our main tool to install.

Brief introduction...

       MintStick is a simple graphical interface with which we can easily create a bootable USB stick, as also format the pendrive / memory card as NTFS, EXT3, EXT4, FAT or any other format.

Mintstick, Image Writer and Formatter.

We have created a short video tutorial showing how to install Mintstick on Debian-based systems.
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Without further delay...

How to install on Debian 8.3 (Jessie) based systems?
Like: Debian, SolydX, Voyager X8, Semplice"Jethro Tull", HandyLinux, Neptune, etc...

Open your terminal, then copy and paste the follow commands lines
    • 32bit and 64bit
      • wget -O mintstick_1.2.6_all.deb http://goo.gl/3HxmfN
      • sudo gdebi mintstick_1.2.6_all.deb

    If you aren't happy with this new version, you can always remove it.
    • sudo apt-get rm mintstick_1.2.6_all.deb

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