2 February 2016

The Next Generation Desktop -:- Poll results

In January 13, 2016, we started a new poll to choose the next generation desktop environment. Our readers and subscribers joined enthusiastically during these poll, and the results are bit surprising...

Check out, our latest poll...

Brief introduction...

       The main objective for this poll, it's to find out how far Linux users are accepting the new approaches taken by development teams, with the approach of new challenges presented by new technologies... Like the convergence from different sources to the same system, and how they interact?

Desktop environments listed...

  1. Papyros Desktop
    This is the only desktop in the poll, that wasn't available on a final/stable distro release (Papyros). Although, this was a strong candidate for the title, gives to the end user a new, modern, simplistic desktop interface.
  2. Budgie Desktop
    A modern, eye candy desktop that is making the first steps in the Linux World. This the face of the project team, Solus Project. Is also available on ManjaroFedoraopenSuse and Ubuntu.
  3. Pantheon Desktop
    This is the key of success of elementaryOS. The look and feel, speed and an active team in solving problems, are strong factors of this successful desktop environment.
  4. Gnome Desktop ( GTK 3.xx )
    This is a desktop well known to all of us, and one of the oldest of the all five. Gnome, had a new approach a few years ago, despite the discontent of many users. But it's a fact, today is one of the most (if not the most) efficient, eye candy desktop environment available for Linux.
  5. Plasma 5 - KDE
    Loved by some, hated by others, Plasma 5 is a new chapter for the mature KDE desktop. Based on QT 5, it has now a modern, attractive look and features the best applications available for Linux. Behind this great desktop, there is a fantastic team of developers and contributors.

That being said...

The results of the poll for:  
The Next Generation Desktop

1th place
Papyrus Desktop
34% of the votes

2nd place
Gnome 3.xx
21% of the votes

3rd place
Budgie Desktop
16% of the votes

4th place
Pantheon Desktop
15% of the votes

5th place
Plasma 5
11% of the votes

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       At the end, it's clearly that Papyrus Desktop its the most voted, followed by Gnome. Budgie and Pantheon are very close to each other, with only a difference of 1% of votes between them. Last, but not the least is Plasma 5 with only 11% of votes. As I mentioned before, this is a desktop that is loved by some, hated by others...

       Should be noted that, the only desktop environment listed, which isn't yet on a Beta version of a distribution, wins with a nice advantage to the second one. And that means two things:
       The first: - The look and feel on a desktop environment, is gaining more relevance on a distribution to the detriment to what is behind of that. I know! - The preferences and and likings of each of us are different, but the result in the survey reveals that, most of people that voted, voted for the look and feel of each desktop.
       Second: - Be creative, make a difference through innovation, clearly makes points (at least in this case) to win new followers and fans.

      Finally I like to mention, other desktop environments well known to the Linux user, and weren't listed, but are within the concept of the next generation desktop as, LXQt and Cinnamon.

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