10 February 2016

Ubuntu Phone's and Tablet, is convergence an strong argument, to make you buy one? -:- New Poll »»» CLOSED «««

The poll "Ubuntu Phones and Tablet"  was closed on February, 29 at 23:59 WET.

The final results are now available, for consulting in our article:

Ubuntu Phone's and Tablet -:- Poll Results

        The main objective for this poll, is to realise how far convergence is a strong argument to acquire a new device ( PC and Mobile ) with Ubuntu pre-installed.
        Just an personal note... - This isn't a sponsored survey, and I don't have any kind of connection with them ( the companies mentioned in this post ). It's just a simple, and common survey to share with our subscribers, followers and public on March 01, 2016.

Brief introduction...

       The chances of Canonical in the touch industry, go through to get convince people about the main values added to the operating system. First, the long expected convergence convergence lands on the Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition, and very soon, will be available for Ubuntu Phones...

Thanks for your collaboration. The final results will be released on March 01, 2016.

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