6 February 2016

Week Update -:- W052016

This week lot happened during these days. This week, the most relevant event was the presentation of Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition. Not the least important, I have to mention the launch of Linux Lite 2.8 and Zorin 11.

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       Kolab and Collabora agreement
       In order to offer an Open Source alternative to "Office 365" and "Google Docs", the  British company Collabora Productivity, and the Swiss company Kolab Systems decided to join efforts to integrate Collabora CloudSuite as a component of Kolab.

       Nautilus 3.14 will ship by default on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
       Canonical decided to include an old version of Nautilus in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, considered very reliable by all who have used it, and leaving aside the latest version 3.18 of the file manager.

       Firefox OS discontinued
       Mozilla announced that Firefox OS will no longer have support for Smartphones. The latest version 2.6, which will be released in Mayis the last version that comes out.
       The project will be discontinued almost completely, leaving only the compatible apps of Firefox OS through 2017. ( ... another great project lost! )

       "Batman, Arkham Knight", unavailable for Linux gamers
       The "Arkham Knight"  isn't available for Linux and OS X, as announced on "SteamCommunity.com". The the port for  Linux and OS X has been cancelled!

       Chakra gets updated multimedia group of packages.
       A new multimedia group of packages landed in Chakra's repositories. Many libraries and applications related to the handling of audio and video have been either updated or rebuilt against the latest versions of their dependencies.

       Manjaro ARM launched
       Manjaro Arm is a project for devices that are growing in numbers and can be used for any number of applications. Most famous is the Raspberry Pi series and BeagleBoard series.

       OTA-9 released
       Canonical as launched a new software update for Ubuntu Phones, with lots of bugs fixes, and also several improvements on the Scopes, Bluetooth, browser and  System settings and Indicators.

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