9 March 2016

7 Questions for 7 Answers... Jacque Raymer from Makulu Linux

       Today we are launching a new series of posts called, 7 Questions for 7 Answers. This is basically a mini interview of personalities related to Linux, in which they answer a serie of 7 questions.

       This week, we are interviewing Jacque Raymer, the owner and developer of Makulu Linux. This distribution provoked some time ago, a wave of comments and excitement in the Linux world. Makulu, appeared with a new approach as regard the way in which a distribution is build. In simple way, he changed the mode to construct a distro, by getting the best available on Linux, and joining all on a stable and fastest OS. Plus, it also allows the end user, to choose between several improved, and tweaked desktop environments, from the XFCE and Cinnamon, to Unity Desktop. Last, but not the least, all of this, is the effort and work of Jacque!

This interview was conducted on March 03, 2016

Please, give a brief introduction of yourself.

I'm a busy guy, I run a huge Linux project that takes much of my time, I also work on various other side projects. I am a part time teacher in Asia, am currently traveling around Asia ( my country of origin is South Africa )... I love life, love being part of this world and altho this world is soaked in greed, corruption, terrorism and basically a LOT of evil, I still have hope for it and I want to be on the side that makes those little differences that matter in a positive manner. People spend so much time on their devices now days, you constantly on your phone, computer, tablet, on facebook, wechat, whatsapp, instagram, skype, twitter, youtube etc... You spend more time being connected to the whole world than you do with your wife or kids. Its the perfect place to make that difference.

Why started Makulu Linux ?

I got to a point where I Loved and Hated Linux at the same time. I knew I could make it better in many ways, and so i did.

Makulu is based on Ubuntu, Debian and Linux Mint. Why not, just in only one base distro?

MakuluLinux makes use of all the best elements of different worlds, it has the Software Management, Speed and Stability of Debian, has the apt-url and add-repository features of Ubuntu, Uses the Linuxmint Package management and Driver system, so in Essence its kind of a Hybrid system. It took me MANY months to build the base where all these elements work well together and i am happy with the results, I may yet still expand on this base... I don't see the downside here, do you ?

There are several editions/variants of Makulu. Would be more productive, if there was only one edition?

I see the releases as stepping stones to a bigger goal, the more and deeper I dig into code the more I learn, the choices of releases depend on my workload and available time, I REALLY love working on Makulu, And I firmly believe if you aren't moving forward then what is the point ? You are in this world for such a limited time, why waste it...

Financial support, is one of the most important issue for a Linux distro project. Do you agree?

Indeed, but i think all free projects at some point go through a dip where donations don't balance the workload... but I have never seen it so low before or last so long before, I think it is time I maybe just remind people that I am not a millionaire :)

Makulu Linux main objectives for 2016?

I want to push some more boundaries this year, I spent most of 2015 designing a new Base for the 10 series, And every time I see a comment that says "wow look how quick the software manager opens, or look how fast that runs" I know it was worth it, speed increase was a Major factor in the new base, it is clearly visible. now I want to see how I can go about expanding on the front end side...

What is your favourite Linux Distro? ( trick question )

My favorite would be my first love, the old Mandrake Linux. It preceded Mandriva and I was completely in love with it back in the days, it's the reason i made the switch.


       I wish to thank Jacque Raymer, for taking his (very few) spare time, and give us some credit, by answering this seven questions.

About Jacque Raymer

Jacque Montague Raymer
Owner and Developer of Makulu Linux

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