29 March 2016

Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition... Overpriced

       BQ the Spanish consumer electronics company, has now available for pre-order the first tablet with Ubuntu Touch. There are two versions of this equipment: Aquaris M10 FHD Ubuntu Edition and Aquaris M10 HD Ubuntu Edition.
       The Aquaris M10 FHD Ubuntu Edition comes with a 10.1" screen with Full HD resolution ( 1920 x 1200-240ppi ), and the second version Aquaris M10 HD Ubuntu Edition with HD resolution ( 1280 x 800 - 160 ppi ), both with an MediaTek Quad Core MT8163A up to 1.5 GHz and MediaTek Mali-T720 MP2 up to 600 MHz.

Pros and Cons...

       Although there are increasingly more applications becoming available, there are far fewer packages available for ARM than for x86 chips, and that is something to take into account specially because, this is the flagship tablet of Ubuntu convergence. There's also the 2Gb of RAM, that can be an issue for desktop mode ( 4Gb would be a better option ). Along the same line, there is only one option for storage and that is 16Gb ( only 10Gb available for the user ). - For a convergence-focused device, at least 32Gb would be considered acceptable!

       The Overpriced Issue

       This is one matter hard to explain, since there is available the same device ( mostly for European country's ), with the same specs but with Android pre-installed. So it seems like,  the main difference on the price is mainly the different operating systems ( Ubuntu versions also have a free cover and screen protector  ), and that isn't enough to explain the additional price. As you can see on image bellow, the difference is between 20.00€ and 40.00€.

Screenshot taken from BQ's on-line store

Screenshot taken from BQ's on-line store

Should you buy the Ubuntu Edition of Aquaris M10?

       If convergence is an strong motive to make you buy one, well, the extra 20/40 Euros will be a good investment, but keep in mind that, this is the first of its kind, plus the Ubuntu Touch doesn't have the same diversity and quantity of apps as Android, even those applications that you regularly use, such as Chrome.
       As mentioned before, there's available an Android version of M10, with a lower price, the same specs, and with all those apps that you are accustomed to use.

Image of Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Editon, source, credits and all rights of: Ubuntu

       This tablet is an important event for Canonical, and BQ. No doubt the merit and effort on the part of the Ubuntu team, to make possible this device to came out, but there is a strategic error to launch with the pre-established price. 
       BQ and Canonical, certainly don't have the main objective to reach only the fans and Ubuntu users, but to the all public in general. The general idea is, if someone is going to buy a tablet, and is faced with M10 Ubuntu Edition and another tablet from another brand with Android, both at the same specs and price, what is going to be the tablet of choice? - It's not difficult to guess...

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