15 March 2016

Manjaro Scanner bug... How to fix

Brief introduction...

       Before we begin, I want to mention that, if you have a GNU/Linux distribution installed on your machine and found a problem(s), the best way to solve it, is to find help on the distro support channel or, on the distro forum(s). There, they have the knowledge to help you with your specific problem ( after all, they are the people who did it ). However, you should have some patience, sometimes it may take a little longer than expected!!!

       This article isn't in any way, a replacement of Manjaro's support channel or forum. It aims to be, another source to help you solve this specific problem, and everyone else with same issue.

       I have Manjaro XFCE installed on my laptop, and few days ago, I wanted to make a scan for some documents on my printer " HP all-in-one ". I tried with the "Simple Scan" tool, but it didn't work, and all times I tried it always gave me the same issue:

" HPLIP Plugin Download and Install".

       Well, I needed those copies, but for that, the printer scanner should be working properly. So I looked in the Manjaro forum a similar problem, to help me fix this annoying bug.
With a little patience, I found a post with a similar problem, but for a different printer brand, and finally I was able to solve the scan problem.

We made a tutorial video to help you solve this scanner bug.

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So, how to fix it...

  • Open your terminal, then copy and paste the follow command line
    • sudo mousepad /etc/sane.d/dll.conf

  • Now on the mousepad uncomment or add hpaio
    ... as shown in the image bellow

    • Save the the document.
      • Press the CTRL+S keys
      • Go to "Files" on the menu, and click "Save"

    • Open once again "Simple Scan" tool, and test it.

    And, that's it!
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