Monday, 21 March 2016

Plank 0.11.0... How to restore Plank's preferences

Brief introduction...

       Plank, its a lightweight dock developed and maintained by the same team of " Docky". On the latest release of Plank, preference settings are not displayed by default. On this article, I'm going to show how to restore the preference settings.

So, how we do it...

We made a small video tutorial, 
showing how to restore Plank preferences

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Plank 0.11.0... How to restore Plank's preferences

  • Open your terminal, then copy and paste the follow command line
    • plank --preferences
       ... now, you have two options. You can use this command line, every time you want to change the look and feel of Plank, or lock-down the icon of "preference settings" on the dock.
       For that, just follow the next steps. ( work best on XFCE and Mate )

    • Click on the right mouse button, and choose " Create Launcher... "
    • Give it a name, ex. " Plank Preferences "
    • On the " Command " area, enter the command line:  plank --preferences
    • Click create.
    • Marck the launcher as: " Executable "
    • Click on the icon, and press it, then move it to the dock.

And, that's it!
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Plank Info's
  • Main Developer (s) / Maintainer (s)
    • “Docky Core” team
  • Latest version ( March 13, 2016 )
    • 0.11.0
  • Platform 
    • Linux
  • Written
    • Vala
  • License
    • GNU GPL v3
  • Cost
    • Free

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