2 March 2016

Ubuntu Phone's and Tablet -:- Poll Results

       In February 02, 2016, we started a new poll to find out if the Ubuntu convergence, it's a really strong argument to buy a Ubuntu mobile device...
       Once again, as we mentioned in our earlier post, we want to thank our followers and subscribers for their availability and collaboration.

Brief introduction...

       With the recent launch of BQ's Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition, Ubuntu convergence get's out of the box, and became a reality. But is this the turning point, for Ubuntu Touch devices on the sales market? - Well, we have to sit and wait to see. 
       It was in that context, that Digitallofice launched the new poll, asking the followers and subscribers, if the convergence it's really a strong point, for make the decision to buying a Ubuntu phone or tablet.

Four options, for one question...

" Is convergence an strong argument, to make you buy one? "

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe
  • Isn't an argument

That being said...

The results of the poll for:  
Ubuntu Phone's and Tablet


       At the end, it's clearly that half the people that voted, thinks that convergence it's a value point, and an strong argument to buy Ubuntu Touch device. But, it's from here that, things get's a little confuse...
       With almost 15% there is no doubt that they don't buy an Ubuntu device because the so call convergence, but in other way, there is 11% of people that voted thinks this isn't an argument, and that means that initially they don't buy either. Joining this two, it gives 26% (more or less), and that is the same value of the undecided or the "Maybe" option.
       After all of that, you can ask...

- So, what it means!   

       Well, I think Ubuntu mobile devices don't have a define, clear future. Why? - Because, the convergence it's what makes the difference, and the only heavy argument to make you buy a mobile device with Ubuntu on it. In comparison with a Android phone, the prices don't match the devices available, with only a handful of apps, and also, it lacks many features as an Android Phone, with more suitable prices.

       I know that, almost 50% of volume of the votes are favourable to buy Ubuntu device, but here's the main issue, they will buy because it has the convergence factor. As you already saw on the graph, the undecided or "Maybe" as 26% of the votes, and that means, these votes are from more cautious persons, that are waiting the result of this convergence thing. After all, it's a new platform that promises a lot with Ubuntu/BQ launched a few days ago, as the first and only tablet with convergence.
       As regards to the trick answer "Isn't an argument",  who voted can mention that " Isn't an argument because I don't buy it anyway" or  " Isn't an argument because I would buy it anyway". You can all agree with me that in this particular case, mentions that it wouldn't buy it anyway, and that means a big and round "NO".
       Finally, the 14,8% of the "No" votes it's a straight answer, and that's almost everything to say. Although doesn't means that, the person that voted "No", don't buy a mobile device with Ubuntu Touch... - They said no, to a strong argument to buy one!

Thanks all, for your time and collaboration in this poll.

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