4 April 2016

Edubuntu ... We'll gonna miss you!

       Edubuntu is an Educational distribution and belongs as official part of the Ubuntu family for more than a decade. Recently, the developers announced that they decided to exit from the project, and Edubuntu will stay on version 14.04 LTS indefinitely. This means that, Edubuntu will not have a new release for the next 16.04 LTS release, this April.

The screenshot of Edubuntu, all rights, credits and source of: Edubuntu

       A month ago, the project leaders Jonathan Carter and St├ęphane Graber have posted a message on the mailing lists, which give the another turn from the previous plans. In short, they mention that they will leave their place as project managers. Of course, this doesn't mean necessarily that Edubuntu should disappear because it can happen that someone decides to take the post, though that is not always simple to achieve.
       Therefore, all that have been confirmed so far is that the idea is to offer support for Edubuntu 14.04 LTS until April 2019, the period normally covers an LTS version. In the meantime they try someone can continue the project and even offered to provide support or guide for this, but if the launch of Ubuntu 17.10 no developments in this regard request the Technical Board of Canonical eliminate Edubuntu of the list of 'official flavors'.

The screenshot of Edubuntu, all rights, credits and source of: Edubuntu

       At this point, the question is...  - Is there a need/demand for a system like Edubuntu?
       Wouldn't it be easier to maintain a repository, with all the educational software to deploy on Ubuntu, and make the installation easier with some kind of wizard. - Perhaps that's the most logical thing to do!
       Along the same line, what stops users from installing educational software in Ubuntu, or even try a different education-oriented operating system. Even Edubuntu on its website, has a list of alternative Linux distributions, including:

       There are three main factors, that determines the survival of a distribution; developer(s), users and financial support. If one of those is missing, what's the point?
       Apparently Jonathan Carter and St├ęphane Graber, were the only ones active in the distribution, with the announced exit from the project, and this means the end for the distribution. Even if someone is encouraged to avoid it, is there financial support and users to get this project going on?...

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