2 April 2016

Microsoft's new approach! - Will it benefit Linux? -:- Poll results

       In March 12, 2016, we started a new poll focused on Microsoft's relationship with Linux, based on the latest news and events in the last few weeks.

       Once again, as we mentioned in our earlier post, we want to thank our followers and subscribers for their availability and collaboration.

Brief introduction...

       The latest news related to the Redmond company, are at least startling... - Perhaps more for an Linux user than Windows. - Why? Well, here's a series of events made by Microsoft that left Linux users open-mouthed:

  • The arrival of the SQL Server database for Linux.
  • The company union with Eclipse Foundation and Visual Studio integration with Eclipse
  • Microsoft launch SONIC,  a sort of fork of Debian to manage network infrastructures. 
  • Visual Studio Code, support SSH PowerShell, Azure Cloud Switch (in which Sonic is based)
  • Visual Studio Code Open Source
  • Debian Azure. 

... and, this is just the beginning!

       - The change of behaviour from Microsoft, will be beneficial for the Linux world?
       - Do you believe in the good intentions of the Redmond company?
       - Microsoft are really in love with Linux?


Seven options, for one question...

" Microsoft's New Approach! - Will it benefit Linux? "
  • No
  • Yes
  • I don't care...
  • Who needs Microsoft on Linux
  • Yes, they're trying to redeem themselves
  • No, it's another attempt to destroy Linux
  • This will be the end of Linux

That being said...

       The results of the poll are:  

Comments and opinions...

       For the first time, those who voted had the opportunity to freely leave their thoughts and opinions ( it wasn't an requirement ) about this matter. Here are all received comments:

  • why not, joining the best of two worlds ;)
  • Everything from Microsoft, has with a second intention.
  • embrace, extend, estinguish. Remember.
  • It will benefit linux but we are always concerned with a company bad track record and what its ebd goal will be . If ms were to release its apps and not just its services linux would become mainstream (im aware of android and ChromeOS)
  • Linux won. Losers try to cut a piece of winner's cake.
  • It's good to see Microsoft making stronge moves to word opensource.... But I hardly think they will be doing it for free or with no intentions
  • I still do not believe they have truly changed as they are still in the extortion racket but they felt they had to embrace Linux to some extent or get left out in the cold.
  • Everything they do completely false and black-hearted.
  • Community must take care, guard every step MS is doing.
  • With Microsofts money Linux could evolve much faster
  • Licensing speaks louder than media coverage, Microsoft is still a demon
  • They are simply trying to destroy linux and open source in general.
  • Linux is strong enough to withstand alone

Thanks all, for your time and collaboration in this poll.

We hope, this publication has been useful.
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