23 September 2016

GNOME 3.22 codename “Karlsruhe” - Is the future now?

On 21 of September, was a big day for Linux users, especially for those who love the GNOME desktop environment, as the next major release is now officially available.
From the popular desktop was expected many improvements that make the project codenamed "Karlsruhe", more useful and productive than previous versions.

Image  "Files" courtesy of: The GNOME Project

The origin of the codenamed “Karlsruhe”, was given in recognition of this year’s GUADEC organising team. On the announcement release, Matthias Clasen has mention that:  

“This six-month effort wouldn’t have been possible without the whole GNOME community, made of contributors and friends from all around the world: developers, designers, documentation writers, usability and accessibility specialists, translators, maintainers, students, system administrators, companies, artists, testers and last, not least, users. GNOME would not exist without all of you. Thank you to everyone!”

"GNOME 3.22 - The Future is Now"

The development of Gtk+, add a small feature the CSS background-blend-mode property support. It definitely isn’t a big thing, but the greatest thing that Gtk+ will receive will be in 3.24 ( GTK 4.0 ) is the Gtk+ Scene Graph. 

The new Gnome release, brings a lot of improvements and works much better on Wayland, which is becoming mature enough to be used by default. In particular, it fixes the clipboard, which was one of the main missing features.

Gnome 3.22 comes with enhanced support for Wayland, the future graphical server, but not the only new technology that works. In addition Gnome 3.22 comes with transparent access to Flatpak “portals”, which allow it's tool to create packages for Flatpak.

Games and Gnome Software Center
Gnome Games has also been updated taking its corresponding format for Flatpak but also offering new gaming platforms and new games.
Gnome Software Center, the application has not only been renovated but has fixed some bugs that were in it.

One of the major applications in the GNOME family received some updates, in this case we are talking about the new tool for renaming multiple files at once. Also, there is now a compressed files integration and ability for compression and decompression. It's also possible to work with files with admin privileges over admin:/// and, they separate desktop from Nautilus, so in this case, if the desktop crashes, Nautilus won't.

Calendar and Maps
Calendar now support alarms and had an major improvement on the event editing dialog. It had also, the option to move events between agendas. The look and feel on the date picker was restyled and, other improvements.
Maps now uses Mapbox as a provider and, it's now possible make horizontal map wrapping.

Totem and Gnome Music
Toten has been improved by making the video player even more lighter. GNOME Music app now supports handling of music libraries with thousands of tracks.

Image  "Gnome Software Center" courtesy of: The GNOME Project

GNOME is a desktop environment that is composed entirely of free and open-source software. GNOME was originally an acronym for GNU Network Object Model Environment. Its target operating system is Linux, but it is also supported on most derivatives of BSD.

Gnome's Info

  • Developed by
    • The GNOME Project
    • Status
      • Active
    • Written in
      • C, C++, Vala, Python, JavaScript
    • Latest version
      • 3.22.0 - 21 September 2016
    • Platform 
      • Linux
      • BSD
    • License
      • GPL, LGPL
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