20 September 2016

We're BACK!

Last May, I announced that Digitallofice's blog was moving to Wordpress platform, but much has changed between the announcement and now.

My friend and Digitallofice's collaborator Paulo T ( Patuga), had several dramatic changes in is life, and sadly had to leave the blog. Now, I will be the only one to publish ( Only for a small period time, I hope! ).

First of all, I want to mention that Wordpress it's an amazing, free and open-source content management system, but, all the structure of Digitallofice's was built and is maintained around Google's Services, and that's the main reason for the coming back to Blogger.

For now, I'm going to maintain the blog as he looks at the moment, and subsequently I will change the look and feel, as the way to publish on this platform.

I want to thank all the Digitallofice's readers that are following this project, and I'm counting on you on this new stage.