26 September 2016

What's your favourite desktop environment? - New 2016 Poll

Brief introduction
This year, they are several desktop environments in active development. For this particular poll, I've selected eight desktop environments based on their state of development and, on the develop team behind of each desktop.

Where can you vote
The image below, I show the exact location of poll in the blog.
To vote, just click on the check-box to select your favourite desktop environment.

Poll schedule
For this poll succeed, we need your vote, and for that reason we made a large period of time, so you can decide what to vote for. So, the poll starts today and will end at 31 October 2016. 
The results, will be posted on the first days of November 2016.

Poll Objective
The main objective for this poll, is to find out how far Linux users are accepting the new approaches taken by development teams, with the new challenges presented by new technologies... 

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