13 October 2016

Ubuntu 16.10 ( codenamed Yakkety Yak ) and family released.

...and after 8 months of developnment, here they are! - The Yakkety Yak Family

On Time
On the official calendar of Ubuntu, the release date of 16.10 was exactly today! Ubuntu 16.10 and outstretched family, as promised are now available for download or upgrade (if that is the case).

To take into account
However, we remind that their support are limited in time. On the previous release of Ubuntu 16.04 will support the distribution until April 2021, in contrast of Yakkety Yak is only supported until July 2017. If you only want to update for the new kernel and graphical stack, it is best to wait for Ubuntu 16.04.2 is released.

The download links for Ubuntu and community flavors are now live, and all new features are ready to be found on Yakkety Yak Family-

We leave with you, the downloads of Ubuntu 16.10 and family.

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