5 November 2016

This Week - W442016

So, it seems that it's Saturday. This past week, brought several news and announcements, and for Digitallofice was a very busy week...

This is an upgrade from previous posts, that Digitallofice casually has publicized in the past. It comes with a different kind of look, but at the same time, with a bit of the old 'Weekend Update'.

Despite the few articles written on the blog, there is a fairly large backstage work, and at the moment I'm the only member of the project. This past weeks, has been quite exhausting to perform all the activities of maintenance and disseminate the Digitallofice project.

There were several events which again, is hindering the development and progression of the project, and this time the obstacles are from Google, or rather, the Google universe.

But, this is a story to talk about in the future.

Simply Linux
Another wallpaper created by me ( +Alfredo F.  )  for the Linux fans, with a dark, minimalist theme. Looks great with standard +Numix Project theme, and the Sardi Icon Theme from +Erik Dubois.

Check it out, in Digitallofice Artwork & Design.

+Ubuntu 16.10 - ScreenShot Tour
A great overview of an already great operating system, obviously, with the Digitallofice stamp.

Give it a look on Digitall Motion.

Maru OS 0.3 released
Maru OS, the open-source operating system providing a Debian desktop from your Android smartphone that's been making progress since being announced early this year, released version 0.3 of their OS.

+LibreOffice 5.2.3 release
An other update from the open source office suite, that provides a good alternative to commercial office tools on Linux.

Goodbye Mythbuntu 
+Mythbuntu ceases to be an official flavor and discontinues its development. On 5th of November, was a sad day for all users of Ubuntu. One of the official flavors of Ubuntu will no longer develop as indicated by the development team. I'm refering to Mythbuntu, the official taste which is intended for multimedia world and especially to MythTV.

Fedora 25 has been frozen
+Fedora 25 has been frozen and enters final straight. Although isn't recommended version to use in production equipment. What is interesting is to know what packages and programs bring Fedora 25 and which not. Most striking are the absences. While Fedora 25 already has the latest kernel with the solution to Dirty Cow, the latest graphics drivers do not, Mesa 13 and its compatibility with Vulkan.

Fedora 25 will be released next November 15.

Linux Lite 3.2 released
The overall theme for this release is a focus on Security. +Linux Lite will download and install the latest Linux kernel security updates when they become available via Install Updates. Also, on this release is introduce for the first time the Lite Desktop Widget.

Download it from Linux Lite Website

... and that's it, for this week!

Have a nice weekend, we meet again next Saturday!

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