22 April 2017

This Week - W162017

Once again, last week +Canonical and +Ubuntu where the top story all over the Social network. Althougth there was other news and announcements worthy to be mentioned.

... and, here we are at this beautiful Saturday, for another "This Week" where I mention the my "Top 7" of news and announcements, on Linux world.

Ubuntu, the transition is starting

This week +Mark Shuttleworth has anounnced the codename of the next release of +Ubuntu 17.10, that is "Artful Aardvark". This time started with the AA initials, that come in line to Ubuntu codename history. It was also anounnced, that the release schedule for this edition will be on October, 19th.
However, what stood out most, was the announcement of GNOME Shell and Wayland will be by defaul on this next version of Ubuntu.

Solus, also goes GNOME

After months of work, Solus team announced this new Snapshot, that comes with upgrdes under the hood, improvements and lote of changes to improved the user experience.
But the main star on this Snapshot is the GNOME Edition option for Solus, that definitely feels like an Solus flavour.

See our full article

Devuan, at the road to stability

Devuan RC is out. The final Devuan Jessie release will follow shortly, and will coincide with the release of the fwith Stretch. After the releases they will turn the development effort to "Ascii", the current testing branch.

Find out more, in the official release announcement.

The beautiful deepin 15.04, is out

The Chinese distribution deepin, as released its latest edition 15.04 with a beautiful, easy to use, safe and reliable system for users. Deepin 15.4 has brand new design for Control Center and desktop, with a new blur and transparent style, new interactions for hot corner and window manager along with selective wallpapers, fullscreen installation interface, latest stable kernel version and Deepin original applications.

Find out more, in the official release announcement.

The new/old Firefox now at version 53

The Mozilla team of developers have released the new version 53.0 of their popular web browser In this version,  Firefox is now more faster and more stable with a separate process for graphics compositing (the Quantum Compositor). Compact themes and tabs save screen real estate, and the redesigned permissions notification improves usability

Find out more, in the official release announcement.

Kdenlive 17.04 released

Kdenlive 17.04 with a redesigned profile selection dialog to make it easier to set screen size, framerate, and other parameters. Now you can also play your video directly from the notification when rendering is finished.

Find out more, in the official release announcement.

Hollow Knight is now available for Linux

This game is available on Steam, and can be also found on other online video game platforms like GOG and Humple Store.
Hollow Knight is an action adventure and 2D platforms quite interesting for Linux, at least it is different from traditional games, one of these independent games with special graphics. The game is set in a world of insects, with a very good design work behind it.

Hollow Knight Webpage

... and, that's all for this week!

Have a nice week, and we meet again next Saturday!

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