29 April 2017

This Week - W172017

For this week we are going to welcome and say goodbye to the new and old. New projects are coming and old game goes open. All of this on... "This Week".

... and, Saturday is here again and it's time for another "This Week". Today's "Top 7" of my choice are going to be something... special.

Ubuntu drops MIR and goes Wayland

The new features for Ubuntu 17.10 (Artful Aardvark), are in line for what has been announced by +Mark Shuttleworth, and GNOME is already coming has default desktop environment.

Here's the biggest changes, expected for Artful Aardvark:

  • GNOME will be the default desktop (probably GNOME 3.26)
  • Ubuntu GNOME will no longer be a separate distribution
  • Wayland will be the default graphics server
  • X.org Server Optional Session
  • Table 17.2 The Table 17.3
  • Linux kernel 4.13 or Linux Kernel 4.14
  • Mozilla Thunderbird could stop being the default mail client
  • Improved hardware support
  • New Ubuntu Server Installer

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The release schedule for "Artful Aardvark"

Ubuntu has announced the release schedule for 17.10.

Ubuntu 17.10 Alpha 1 - June 29
Ubuntu 17.10 Alpha 2 - July 27
Feature Freeze, Debian Import Freeze - August 24
Ubuntu 17.10 Beta 1 - August 31
Ubuntu 17.10 Beta Final - September 28
Kernel Freeze - October 5
Final Freeze [ Release Candidate ] - October 12
Ubuntu 17.10 [Final version ] - October 19

Ubuntu release schedule Wiki

Goodbye, farewell "Precise Pangolin"

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS was without support yesterday same after five years in the gap. But, it will continue for another year via Ubuntu 12.04 ESM ( Extended Security Maintenance ), but only for companies that pay.

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Vivaldi 1.9 and Ecosia

The new release of Vivaldi 1.9, has a new partnered with Ecosia the search web engine, to help a litle bit our planet.
Vivaldi 1.9 also adds several improvements in usability, which the two most interesting are the possibility to rearrange the icons of your extensions in the address bar, just like you can do in Chrome.

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KDE and Chrome / Firefox integration

Plasma Integration it's a plasma-browser-extension that works in Chrome for now, and will be also implemented in firefox. This extension, will allow you to control the multimedia contents executed by the browser from the Multimedia Controller plasmoid, send links to a mobile device with KDE Connect, display the downloads from the notification area, find tabs through KRunner and track browsing history through the KDE activities, as well as other things..

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Project Halium is coming

Project Halium’s it’s base that anybody can work off of to integrate all sorts of Linux code into the Android stack smoothly. bring all open source projects under a single roof brings the inception of Project Halium, done by a group of open source developers. Halium will act as a common ground to these open source mobile projects
Ideally, Project Halium wants to build out a base framework that anybody can use to hook their Linux project into Android’s soft underbelly of code and run it on an Android device.

Project’s Webpage

Lara Croft gets an open version

The legendary Tomb Raider is now available directly in your web browser. The OpenLara project, mimics the original game and can be played directly in your web browser.

... and, that's all for this week!

Have a nice week, and we meet again next Saturday!

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