13 April 2017

Ubuntu 17.04 (codename Zesty Zapus) and flavours, released.

After months of development, a new direction and objective outlined for the distribution, here they are! - The "Zesty Zapus" family!

On Time

As announced in the release schedule of Ubuntu, today would be the release date of Ubuntu 17.04 and the official flavours. As promised, new versions are now available to download or upgrade ( if that's your case).

What's old, what's new

In this remarkable edition in the future memorials of this distribution, where we will see Ubuntu with Unity 7 for the last time, and finally we can have contact with Unity 8, also for the last time, "Zesty Zapus" comes with Kernel 4.10 and Mesa 17. In this edition, we also see for the first time on Ubuntu, the cut of Swap partition. From now on, will be replaced by a Swapfile, if the system runs out of physical memory.

For the next Ubuntu 17.10, there isn't so far an official confirmation, and as in the 18.04 edition, it will be the GNOME desktop environment and shell, there are doubts about the main desktop.

Take into account

However, we remember that support is limited, as far as time is concerned. In the previous version of Ubuntu 16.04LTS, distribution will be supported and maintained until April 2021. In "Zesty Zapus" support will be maintained until January 2018.


The Ubuntu ISO images of "Zesty Zapus" and the respective official flavours, are available through the links below.

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