Thursday, 12 October 2017

Revenge OS... It was great while it lasted

Revenge OS, an interesting and innovative project with announced end.

Humm, where I've seen this before???

Well, here's the deal. It all starts with a big fuzz, and everyone talks about it (Youtube, G+, Facebook, Twitter, etc ...).  Then, the main developer makes some updates and some interesting improvements, but unfortunately as few may know, to build an operating system isn't just few lines of code and that's it!
It takes time and a lots of work, and when I say lots of work I mean tons of lines of code, editing, testing, re-testing and finally going back to bug resolution board ...

In this particular case, Jody the developer of Revenge OS, has just announced that due to personal/health issues, he's no longer going to be able to actively develop and maintain Revenge OS.

This could be the start of a great Linux operating system, but with the exit of the main developer of the project, is the announced end of an innovative and interesting project.

Image taken from Revenge OS Community on Google+

Revenge OS Website:
Source: Revenge OS G+ Community

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