12 October 2017

Revenge OS... Was great while it last!

Revenge OS, an Arch-based project, is on its way to vanish from the Linux world!

Humm, where I've seen this before???

Well, it all starts with a big fuzz, and everyone talks about it ( Youtube, G +, Facebook, Twitter, etc... ). Then, the developer puts even more effort on the development and creates a quite unique features and concepts...

Unfortunately, building an operating system isn't just a bunch of code and that's it! It takes time, money and human resources.
In this case, Jody, the developer of Revenge OS, has just announced that due to personal/health issues, he's no longer going to be able to actively develop and maintain Revenge OS.

This could be a start up of a great Linux OS, but with the main developer going way from the project, it's an announced end for this project.

Image taken from Revenge OS Community on Google+

Revenge OS Website: https://revengeos.weebly.com/
Source: Revenge OS G+ Community

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