25 October 2017

What to expect from the next Linux Mint 18.3!

Today, Linux Mint team has published the Monthly News, and announced what's in the agenda for the Linux Mint 18.3 release.

This logo represents the Linux Mint Operating System.
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As scheduled, Linux Mint 18.3 will be released next November. Clement Lefebvre has released the Linux Mint Monthly News, and there's some features that stand out that impacts the future of the operating system.

KDE Edition

Linux Mint 18.3 will feature a KDE edition, but it will be the last release. The main reason, is the additional effort to releasing an KDE environment. The decision is definitive and for Linux Mint 19 will be only the GTK based alternatives, with cinnamon as the main reference.

" KDE is a fantastic environment but it’s also a different world, one which evolves away from us and away from everything we focus on. Their apps, their ecosystem and the QT toolkit which is central there have very little in common with what we’re working on." 


For now on, Linux Mint will provide full support for Flatpack packages. Flatpack will give an easy install of bleeding-edge applications for Linux Mint.

" Flatpak makes it trivial to install bleeding-edge applications on our frozen LTS base. But it also makes it trivial for upstream software editors to distribute their software to Linux users, without having to care about a multitude of distributions and the many bases we have to support (typically in Linux Mint we’re currently supporting both Mint 18.x and Mint 17.x, and software needs different dependencies and different builds for each base). "

New section on the Software Manager 

As I mention above, Flatpak will be full integrated in Linux Mint 18.3, and will be installed and configured by default thru Flatpak repositories, called “remotes”.
On the Software Manager, a new section was added for Flatpacs, called " Flathub ", and both packages and Flatpaks will be presented in the same way.

This image shows Linux Mint Software Manager. Source: Linux Mint Blog


The next release will come with Cinnamon 3.6, with all the new features.
In this new version of Cinnamon, I personally highlight the support for GNOME Online Accounts, which makes it possible to add the Google Drive OwnCloud ad to Nemo.

This image shows GNOME Online Accounts on Cinnamon 3.6. Source: Linux Mint Blog

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