24 October 2017

Yeah, you guess it... The next release of Ubuntu will be Bionic!

The codename for the next LTS version of Ubuntu? - Well, starts with a B!

Yes, you guess it! ... its 'Bionic Beaver'

Once again, +Mark Shuttleworth surprised us all with the latest codename ( Bionic Beaver ) for next Ubuntu ( 18.04 LTS ) scheduled to be launched in April 2018.

Quoting Mark Shuttleworth

 "... our mascot this cycle is a mammal known for it’s energetic attitude, industrious nature and engineering prowess. We give it a neatly nerdy 21st century twist in honour of the relentless robots running Ubuntu Core. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you 18.04 LTS, the Bionic Beaver."

 Source: Mark Shuttleworth Webpage

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