24 February 2018

This Week - W082018

In this article, phones are being donated, new releases are being announced and we are going to "Farm Together"...

All this in "This week."

Here we are again on this beautiful Saturday, for another package of news and announcements in the Linux world.

Canonical donates 38 smartphones to UBPorts

+Canonical decided to donate to the +UBports project , 38 mobile devices that originally had Ubuntu Touch or Ubuntu Phone. This donation to UBports was intended to continue with the development of Ubuntu Phone and applications.

Signal creates its own foundation with an initial donation of 50 million dollars

Signal is an encrypted communications application for Android, iOS and with a desktop version for Linux, Windows, and macOS.
Signal managers as announced the creation of a non-profit foundation in order to promote the development of free software technologies related to the protection of users' privacy. 

See all about it, in the official announcement.

Bodhi Linux 4.5.0 Released

Bodhi Linux team, as announced the release of Bodhi Linux 4.5.0. This is a normal update release and it comes three months after the release of Bodhi 4.4.0. Existing Bodhi 4.x.y users do not need to reinstall as the primary goal of this update release is to simply keep the current ISO image up to date.

Find all about it, in the official release announcement.

Audacity 2.2.2 Released!

Audacity audio editor 2.2.2 was released, with some improvements and several bug-fixes. 

Here's some new features:
  • Easier zooming in and out with mouse wheel, new Zoom Toggle command, and context menu for vertical rulers.
  • Easy access to change keyboard bindings of menu commands by holding Shift key
  • Detection of dropout errors while recording with overburdened CPU
  • Improved contrasts in Light and Dark themes
  • Half-wave display option
  • Several bugs/annoyances in 2.2.1 are now fixed

Find out more, in the official release announcement.

Calculate Linux 17.12.2 released

Calculate Linux team, as announced the new release of Calculate Linux 17.12.2, based on Gentoo 17.0 with the whole of the packages rebuilt and some bug fixes.

There are eight flavors available: 
  • KDE (CLD)
  • Cinnamon (CLDC)
  • Mate (CLDM)
  • Xfce (CLDX)
  • Calculate Directory Server (CDS)
  • Calculate Linux Scratch (CLS)
  • Calculate Scratch Server (CSS)
  • Calculate Container Scratch (CCS)

Find all about it, in the official release announcement.

Plasma 5.12 Brings Wayland to openSUSE Leap

KDE as released the latest Long Term Support (LTS) version of the Plasma desktop 5.12, and this means that the upcoming openSUSE Leap 15 will offer a far more complete Wayland experience installed by default. It will just be a matter of selecting “Plasma (Wayland)” in the session list of the display manager before logging in.

Find out more at openSUSE News

Farm Together is now available for Linux

Farm Together is now available for Linux on Steam Early Access. The games is focus about growing your own farm, and you can do either by yourself or cooperate mod. It's a friendly and unique, but relaxing farming experience.

Find out more at Steam

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  1. Hi, love your work.
    Why you stoped to make this kind of articles?

  2. Hi, thanks for comment. I didn't stop ... just taking a break! ;)
    I'll start doing this line of articles, but monthly ... Instead "This Week" will be "This Month".