26 March 2018

Live Polls - Desktop Apps

Which desktop apps format, you will choose for your GNU/Linux based system?

Today, I'm launching the first poll of 2018 with the new packages and applications formats, as subject.

You will find in this poll, several options that have been chosen based on availability for GNU/Linux systems, the current development, and the number of applications available.

Brief introduction

There are new apps formats available. They are independent and work across multiple GNU/Linux distributions and, in a given format, is available for other platforms. They aren't a traditional Linux package which require packages specifically tailored for each Linux distribution that we use.

Once again we will change the way we deal with GNU/Linux systems. So, what will be your format of choice?

Poll objective

The main goal of this poll, is to find out how GNU/Linux users are embrace the new desktop apps formats, that are being implemented by development teams from the GNU/Linux OS.

Poll Schedule

This poll starts today ( 26 of March ) and ends on 25 of April.
The final results will be published here on the Digitallofice blog, on 30 of April.

Poll Terms & Privacy

This poll is strictly informative and within public character.
The name and contact are private and they aren't required for this poll.

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