28 April 2018

This Month - April 2018

Hello everyone, here we are again on this beautiful saturday!

The Bionic family is out, several free and open-source applications are updated and new game for Linux is on the market. We also have an Telegram ban from Russia and everything you need to know the new Microsoft OS based on Linux Kernel.

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Fedora 28 Beta released
As announced by the development team, Fedora 28 Beta released on schedule.

The release of Fedora 28 will come with 51 official changes validated, and will be one of the versions with more changes in its history. The final version is currently set for the first week of May ( 1 of May or 8 of May ).

Calibre 3.21 released
Calibre 3.21 released with new features, bug fixes and improved news sources!!

Calibre is a free and open source e-book library management application, developed by e-books users for e-books users. Today gets another update release for the 3.0 edition.

KDE Connect 1.3 released
Opposed to what might think, KDE Connect isn't limited to Plasma, it's also available for the GNOME desktop. In this matter, the new version of KDE Connect has improved the integration of GNOME with Android, more specifically the file exchange between Files ( Nautilus ) and Android systems.

System76 joins GNOME Foundation Advisory Board
System78 joins Google, the Linux Foundation and the Free Software Foundation and Canonical at GNOME Foundation Advisory Board.

As you may know, System76, as launched Pop!_OS about a year ago, and as mentioned by Louisa Bisio, System76 Marketing Director, they are now engage even more with the free software community.

“ Less than a year ago, we launched Pop!_OS, and the community that’s grown up around it has been fantastic and continues to evolve. We’re excited to join the GNOME Foundation Advisory board and continue our engagement with the wider free software community. ”  - Mentioned by Louisa Bisio, System76 Marketing Director

Telegram, banned from Russia
Telegram, an encrypted platform, refused to allow secret services to access users data.

Source: Telegram

Today, a Moscow court issued a ban on Telegram, after the online messaging service refused to hand Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB), access to its users’ encrypted data.

Microsoft is going to deliver its own version of Linux!
Microsoft has announced this Monday, the new Azure Sphere platform. One of its components, is the new operating system, Azure Sphere OS. This new OS is a custom version of Linux totally developed by Microsoft, and will be a part of the product offering, from the US software giant.
In a few words, this is a new system developed for IoT ( Internet of Things ), and it's main purpose is to protect small processors that power smart devices, connected toys and other gadgets.

Trisquel 8.0 LTS "Flidas" released
Trisquel 8.0, codename "Flidas" will be supported with security updates until April 2021.

Representation of Trisquel 8.0 LTS "Flidas" with Mate Desktop 

Trisquel 8.0 new features, includes upgrading the basic components of the distribution, the kernel, graphics drivers. Linux-libre 4.4 and Xorg 7.7 which will provide a new special feature "optional progressive updates". Regarding the applications, they include Abrowser 59 and IceDove both configured for privacy, LibreOffice 5.1.4 and VLC 2.2.2.

Tower Of Time from Event Horizon launched on Steam 
Tower Of Time, a strategy RPG game is finally released on Steam for Linux and Windows.

Event Horizon heard comments from thousands of players during Early Access, and launched Tower of Time also for Linux.
This game is determined to offer RPG lovers new levels of depth and tactical choice, exploring with skilled warriors, mages and technomancers.

Find out more on Steam   |   Event Horizon

The "Bionic Beaver" family is out!

    On Ubuntu's schedule release, " Bionic Beaver " was scheduled to be released exactly today.
    Unfortunately, an reported error affecting the live session on Ubuntu, Ubuntu Kylin, Ubuntu MATE and Ubuntu Budgie, and launch was paralysed until the arrival of the patch. Finally, the patch was published four hours after ( record time ), and once more, the ISO images were tested before being delivered to the general public.
    That's the main reason for taken a little longer to be released, but, still on time.

    Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and Ubuntu flavors are out now, and available for download or to upgrade.

    GIMP 2.10 Released

      GNU Image Manipulation Program ( GIMP ), is developed by volunteers as a free software project associated to both the GNU and GNOME Projects. It's used for image composition, photo retouching and image authoring.

      Here's some of the new major features included:
      • Optimisations and multi-threading for painting and display
      • Updated user interface and initial HiDPI support
      • GEGL port, high bit depth support, multi-threading



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